Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Does God Exist?

Interesting video, purporting to be the story of Albert Einstein (say some), asking "Does God Exist?" Hosted on Facebook.

P.S. If you're wondering what's happening on the specs, I can't find my new prescription right now, and haven't had time to take it further. I will!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

3 More Specs

OK, I've had my sight test, and yes, my prescription is worse... -1.50 in each eye, so still not too strong! I stuck with my plan to allow myself a limited amount of time to think about it (so preferably this week), rather than exploring EVERY option, and there's a couple in here that both the lady in the shop (and yes, she laughed at me in quite a few others) loved, and then a friend who was in Tesco, had a look, and thought they were good choices... so, further thoughts?!




These specs are on 2 for 1, so could have 2 Tesco pairs... or find 2 Specsavers. I tried Vision Express the other day, and whoever the optical assistant was, just slouched against the counter wondering aloud if he could go home, and even though I was trying them on for about 10 minutes, no one came up to ask if I wanted any help!!

And he, he, found online ordering - was thinking I didn't have any pics of me without glasses...

The online world, you have to love it...

New Specs?

OK, I'm having my eyes tested this afternoon. Since I got my last pair of specs (in 2004 or 2005!) my prescription has changed, but I've been waiting to know that I had enough money to buy some! So far I've only tried Specsavers and Tesco (who are giving away free sight-tests in their new branch in Winchester), and picked out the following, but I'm not sure any of them are quite right (and one of the other customers when I put my own on, said "ooo, they're nice"...!!) - all do strange things to my face :-) Most stores are currently doing 2-4-1, but I really just want 1 pair, with a free upgrade to photochromatic - anyone know who might be doing that at the moment?

Which do you think are getting closest - which the worst - and excuse the expression on my face!



P.S. This is my current pair:

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bex: Crazy Timetable

2009 So Far
This year has been amazing so far. I returned from Oak Hall in November, just as the credit crunch hit, really unsure where/whether I'd be able to get work, but returned to Winchester, as I knew I had a good reputation there, and was sure I could pick up a few bits! Friends put me up in their spare room whilst I applied for work, but after about 3 months, I had enough bits and pieces coming in to rent a room closer to the University of Winchester, where I was picking up most of my work, with every small project leading to another one... and at one point having to turn down work!

In May, I wasn't sure how I was going to get through the summer, as teaching was coming to an end, but I picked up a couple of summer projects, went to France with Oak Hall, and in fact haven't completed my own studies this summer, and teaching commences again next week! I then started conversations with a few others, and look what's happening now...

2009-2010 Timetable
Semester 1
I have quite a full timetable:
  • Monday 3-6: Introduction to Media Studies
  • Tuesday 9-12: 20th Century British History
  • Wednesday 11-12: Landmark (The Internet as a Landmark in History)
  • Wednesday 1-4: STUDYING the PGCLTHE
  • Thursday: 7.5 hours "Blended Learning Research Fellowship"
  • 5 Final Year Project Students for Media Studies
  • Media Studies Website
  • SkillsNet Website (we're applying for further funding for this, so not confirmed)
To also fit in:
  • Cooking at Lauterbrunnen for Christmas Week (may be JA2 instead?)
  • New Year, who knows yet...
  • Book Proposal (Thesis to Book), Complete VD poster article.
Semester 2
I have an extremely full timetable:
  • Monday 3-5: Introduction to Media Studies
  • Wednesday 9-12: Dreams and Nightmares
  • Thursday 9-11: Film History
  • Thursday 2-5: Creating and Consuming History
  • Friday 9-11: Researching Media Studies
  • 2 hours for 6 weeks: Reflecting
  • History Independent Study Module, Dissertation/Second Marking
  • Tuesday or Friday: 7.5 hours "Blended Learning Research Fellowship"
  • 5 Final Year Project Students for Media Studies
  • Media Studies Website
  • SkillsNet Website (continuing?)
To also fit in:
  • Cooking at Engelberg, I've not confirmed yet... I need to find some time to chill out!
The summer is yet some time away, and the Blended Learning is permanent, so I guess if I'm sensible with my money... Although waiting for the dates of Oak Hall in Israel, and may go there next summer... I know it's quite tiring, but invigorating in other ways.

So if you're wondering why I go quiet for long periods of time, this may kind of explain it, as there's usually approximately 3 hours of preparation for each hour of teaching... and then the marking, well, we try not to think about the marking (e.g. Intro to Media, around 40 students, 2 assignments, about 1/2 hour + per assignment)! Some weeks there's tutorials, and some courses run alternate weeks rather than all term, so manageable - with a few late nights, I suspect!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

New Email?

I signed up with Freenetname back in the mists of time, and have stuck with it since that time. I am having a few problems, and am looking for recommendations to change:
  • It provided a free domain name (, 100MB of storage space, and an associated POP3 email account for £20 per year, which I still think is a good deal.
  • The account was originally on dial-up, but I've not had to use that for a long-time, using wi-fi anywhere I can access it (or 3G on my phone if not!)
  • I want to retain my domain name and email address (downloadable into Outlook), but will be transferring my website onto, so will be looking for an easy to use host which allows that (and then I will integrate this blog into it).
  • I have never been able to send emails using the POP3 account on my iPhone (or through my workplace wi-fi, but that is never going to happen), although I can receive in both places, and this is becoming a problem.
I already have a g-mail account, but I like having the email under my domain name. I play with social media more than I know about lots of technical stuff, although I have a reputation as a bit of a geek girl! Let me know: bex at

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Check out ""

For just £60 you can twin your toilet at home, work or school with a latrine in Burundi. Your smallest room will be twinned exclusively with your own individual latrine in the remote Giharo Commune of Rutana Province. Only your toilet will be twinned with that particular latrine.You can even locate your twin deep in the African bush via Google Earth!

A suggestion: From We Are What We Do. Put a money pot on top of your toilet, and spend a penny every time you spend a penny!

For fun: check out the "toilet-shaped house"

Idea picked up from talk from Greenbelt 2009 by Euginie Harvey.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Music sounded better on record

It was "I am the one and only" by Chesney Hawkes, I think!

Just got rid of my car with the cassette player - still have a few cassettes, but nothing to play them on... should just throw them away (have already converted them to MP3!)

What was the first format you played music on?
Post your own answer on Plinky!

Hannah J Image Consultancy: Events For Your Diary

A series of events hosted by Hannah J Image Consultancy designed for fun loving fashionistas to polish up their fashion saavy in a relaxed social environment.

Dates for your diary:

1st October @ 6pm A/W 09/10 Trends

Preparing you and your wardrobe for winter - as well as covering key trends, we will highlight chic investment buys and smart ways to update your wardrobe.

12th November @ 6pm Beautifully Made-Up

Discover how to make the most of you by spending an evening with our team of professionally trained dermatologists/make-up artists who will share their tricks of the trade.

3rd December @ 6pm Christmas Party Prep

Ensure you are equipped for the party season by knowing exactly what you want from your perfect party dress by finding out what colours and styles suite you.

Each evening will be held at the Hannah J Image Consultancy studio located just off Brick Lane, drinks/nibbles wil be provided and the cover charge is a chiconomic £10.

Please book with

drbexl: Highly Influential

According to Topsy, I'm highly influential on Twitter! Be interesting to see their rationale for that, as my other Twitter feeds are not demonstrating the same accolade! Nice.

Well, I guess I do spend quite some time on Twitter... I get all my news, etc. from there!

ALT-C 2009: In Dreams Begin Responsibility

Watching ALT-C 2009, streaming live from the University of Manchester, from today through Thursday 10th August 2009. There's also some other sessions being streamed via UStream.

Follow the stream on Twitter. (#altc2009 seems to be the main hashtag, but there are other's noted!).

Beware of the concept of Digital Natives:

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Greenbelt 2009

I had a great time at Greenbelt, and it was nice to get away and do something different! I spend quite a lot of time at academic conferences, so I didn't go to a huge number of talks, as I knew I could get most of them (well, I thought all, but the above is awaiting Rob Bell producing his own similar video, so not included) online afterwards, so I wanted to do some practical stuff!

Video Footage
I decided to try out taking some video footage with my camera (Panasonic Lumix 10 x zoom, was great for travelling, but I never used the video footage much!)... apologies if it wobbles, is the wrong way up, etc... it was all a bit experimental!
Art Sessions
Next year I plan to return and do a whole load more of this!
This year, I was one of around 300+ people to download the Greenbelt Festival iPhone app. This was great whilst my phone was charged, but every time it went down I didn't know what was going on. Greenbelt do have a charging station (charged for!), and occasionally I found plug points, and generally found it pretty helpful, but next year I'd like to have a wind up charger - suggestions?!
Order your tickets by 30th November to get 20% discount!

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