Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Bex: Crazy Timetable

2009 So Far
This year has been amazing so far. I returned from Oak Hall in November, just as the credit crunch hit, really unsure where/whether I'd be able to get work, but returned to Winchester, as I knew I had a good reputation there, and was sure I could pick up a few bits! Friends put me up in their spare room whilst I applied for work, but after about 3 months, I had enough bits and pieces coming in to rent a room closer to the University of Winchester, where I was picking up most of my work, with every small project leading to another one... and at one point having to turn down work!

In May, I wasn't sure how I was going to get through the summer, as teaching was coming to an end, but I picked up a couple of summer projects, went to France with Oak Hall, and in fact haven't completed my own studies this summer, and teaching commences again next week! I then started conversations with a few others, and look what's happening now...

2009-2010 Timetable
Semester 1
I have quite a full timetable:
  • Monday 3-6: Introduction to Media Studies
  • Tuesday 9-12: 20th Century British History
  • Wednesday 11-12: Landmark (The Internet as a Landmark in History)
  • Wednesday 1-4: STUDYING the PGCLTHE
  • Thursday: 7.5 hours "Blended Learning Research Fellowship"
  • 5 Final Year Project Students for Media Studies
  • Media Studies Website
  • SkillsNet Website (we're applying for further funding for this, so not confirmed)
To also fit in:
  • Cooking at Lauterbrunnen for Christmas Week (may be JA2 instead?)
  • New Year, who knows yet...
  • Book Proposal (Thesis to Book), Complete VD poster article.
Semester 2
I have an extremely full timetable:
  • Monday 3-5: Introduction to Media Studies
  • Wednesday 9-12: Dreams and Nightmares
  • Thursday 9-11: Film History
  • Thursday 2-5: Creating and Consuming History
  • Friday 9-11: Researching Media Studies
  • 2 hours for 6 weeks: Reflecting
  • History Independent Study Module, Dissertation/Second Marking
  • Tuesday or Friday: 7.5 hours "Blended Learning Research Fellowship"
  • 5 Final Year Project Students for Media Studies
  • Media Studies Website
  • SkillsNet Website (continuing?)
To also fit in:
  • Cooking at Engelberg, I've not confirmed yet... I need to find some time to chill out!
The summer is yet some time away, and the Blended Learning is permanent, so I guess if I'm sensible with my money... Although waiting for the dates of Oak Hall in Israel, and may go there next summer... I know it's quite tiring, but invigorating in other ways.

So if you're wondering why I go quiet for long periods of time, this may kind of explain it, as there's usually approximately 3 hours of preparation for each hour of teaching... and then the marking, well, we try not to think about the marking (e.g. Intro to Media, around 40 students, 2 assignments, about 1/2 hour + per assignment)! Some weeks there's tutorials, and some courses run alternate weeks rather than all term, so manageable - with a few late nights, I suspect!

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