Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Christianity in the Digital Space; Churches' Media Council; CODEC

DRAGONS! I'll be back with more!

  • My Twitter account @drbexl has been suspended due to "suspicious activity" - would that be the 1-per-5-mins tweets going on from my account? We'll see, currently 6pm, so been down for around 24 hours, I am feeling rather bereft of part of my identity!!
  • Mark Howe gives a great summary of the conference, ready to LOL?
My Twitter account came back up after about 50 hours downtime! Meantime, if I've missed your blog off the list, please feel free to comment it!


sadbuttrue said...

Had another friend who's account was equally ridiculously blocked (IMHO) on Tuesday. Only down for an hour or so. BTW, I get a login box to the Twitter API when I visit your site - could be connected?


drbexl said...

Yes, they have apologised, and said it was a mistake! And yes, the login box issue has stopped now I'm back and live!